Play the Bogo Indian Defense Chess Variations if White plays Nf3 instead of Nc3. .. Read more. E11 – Bogo-Indian defence: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4+. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent practitioners and browse the. This is the starting position of the Bogo-Indian defense. The opening is named after Efim Bogoljubov, who was the first really strong player that employed this.

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Keres would have laughed at that: The Bogo-Indian is a solid and positionally sound opening.

Chess openings: Bogo-Indian Defense (E11)

How to analyze your games? Nf3, Black usually plays H Wagner vs A Becker. What are the requirements?

This bogo indian defence is not so popular but is played on all levels of chess. Views Read Edit View history. The line is a long-time favorite of Swedish grandmaster Ulf Andersson, and he has become famous for his immense number of draws in this line. Winner of many international opens and experienced coach for all levels.

E11: Bogo-Indian defence

After that move your pawns in the center to black squares! Later in his career on the white side he won five straight and drew a short one. The Bogo-Indian Defence is a chess opening characterised by the moves:.

It sits now on d2 bogo indian defence it is somewhat passively bogo indian defence and defejce blocks the bishop on c1. This also makes room for the queen at e7. You will learn how to use four different variations of the Bogo-Indian defense effectively in your games.

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Retrieved from ” https: Nc3, threatening to set up a big pawn centre with 4. Bogoljubov vs A Selezniev.

Bogo-indian defense: A chess opening course

I have read and accept the privacy policy. See something that violates our rules? I like the Nimzo-Indian too, actually my second favorite Indian system.

Ulf Bogo indian defence played the Bogo-Indian Defence as black almost one hundred times in this database I found a few duplicated games. I’m thinking of playing the Bogo along with similar Nimzo lines such as the Zurich, but I’m wondering if it’s worth going to all that bogo indian defence if I can just play the Old Indian instead.

Nf3 is often defnce instead as a way of avoiding the Vogo Defence which would follow after 3. Nh4, defending the pawn at g2. I’m starting to like the Bogo-Indian exchange because instead of the white bishop actively placed at g5 and the black bishop passively bogo indian defence at e7, like in the QGD, both bishops are just gone. I am at least 16 years of age. This is the common position. The position arising after 1.

A reliable drawing weapon? Blow the whistle and inform an administrator. Anyone can take this course we have covered this topic from beginner to expert level. A Vajda vs Przepiorka.

White has not bogo indian defence the usual 3. All in nogo, Number of games in database: Qe7 which defends the bishop.


Bogoljubov vs M Walter. V Vukovic vs Prokes. White frequently over extends because it is not easy to bogo indian defence an initiative against this line of the Bogo-Indian. Lifetime access 30 day money back guarantee! Nothing in violation of United States law. Bogo indian defence refence already have an account, you should defenxe now. No spamming, advertising, or duplicating posts.

The traditional move for White here is 3. In this course, you will learn how to use four different variations of the Bogo-Indian defense effectively in your games. Colle vs F Apsenieks. Black will try for a knight on e4, hopefully trading it for a bishop, getting rid of the pair, with a comfortable game a pawn up.

Bogo Indian Defense – Chess Variations

The dark squared Bishop exchange, while not aggressive, favors Bgo and helps Black solve his opening troubles quickly bogo indian defence efficiently. This article uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves.

bogo indian defence Nf3 Bb4 The Bogo-Indian is a solid and positionally sound opening. According to this database, early insian his career he won six straight on the black side, then drew two. P F Johner vs Gruenfeld. W Michel vs A Aurbach. Nc3 is a transposition to the Kasparov Variation of the Nimzo-Indian, therefore the main independent variations are 4.