CAN CSA-B149.1-05 PDF

CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. January Note: General Instructions for CSA Standards are now called Updates. Please. 1 Preface This is the thirteenth edition of CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. It supersedes the previous editions, published. Erstattes av: CAN/CSA B Alert Tilbaketrukket. Pris: NOK 1 ,00 (eks. mva) NOK 1 ,75 (ink. mva). Omfang: This is a searchable PDF

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Mechanical draft — a draft produced by a mechanical device, such csa-b149.11-05 a fan, blower, or aspirator, that can supplement natural draft.

The outline of welded brackets, mountings, guards, subcompartments, and the like are can csa-b149.1-05 considered part of the perimeter for the purpose of can csa-b149.1-05 definition. Fitting — an item in a piping or tubing system that is used as a means of connection, such as an elbow,return bend, tee, union, bushing, coupling, or cross, can csa-b149.1-05 does not include such functioning items as avalve or pressure regulator.

Vent — that portion acn a venting system designed to convey flue gases directly to the outdoors from can csa-b149.1-05 a vent connector or an appliance when a vent connector is not used. DRM is included at the request of the publisher, as it helps them protect their copyright by restricting file sharing.

Internal can csa-b149.1-05 — a valve designed and installed so that its seat is within a tank and the arrangement of the parts of the valve is such that damage to the parts outside the tank will not prevent effective seating of the valve.

Flue baffle — see Baffle. Notes can csa-b149.1-05 the text do not include mandatory or alternative requirements. Notes to the text do not includemandatory or alternative requirements.

Gas Safety Regulation

Slide-in camper — an accommodation body that fits into a standard vehicle and is designed to be easily removable. Such a valve can csa-b149.1-05 have an attached operating handle. Notes to figures and tables, however, are considered part of the figure or table and may can csa-b149.1-05 written as mandatory requirements.


Field safety representative van required for installation permit. Drip pocket drip — a pocket in a piping system designed for the collection of condensate and from which the condensate can be removed. For natural gas having a relative density otherthan 0. Secondary air can csa-b149.1-05 see Air supply. January 1 Replaces p. January 21 Replaces p.

Standards Council of Canada

Flue — an enclosed passageway for conveying flue gases. Not Can csa-b149.1-05 In Member?: Deposited March 23, effective April 1, False ceiling space — ceiling space that is enclosed with tiles or panels that are removable without theuse of a tool. Cylinder valve — a valve fitted to a cylinder. They shall be controlled by can csa-b149.1-05 vacuum switch,oil pressure switch, or an equivalent device to prevent the flow of propane to the carburetor whenthe ignition is off or the engine is not running.

January 9 Replaces p. Wash-mobile — a can csa-b149.1-05 outdoor can csa-b149.1-05 that uses propane-heated water, or a solution, for the purposeof cleaning. Procedures for a gas installation in vicinity of underground structures.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Ventilation air — see Air cxa-b149.1-05. Hydrostatic relief valve — a pressure relief valve installed in a liquid propane caan. Piping, tubing, or fittings previouslyused with other gases may be reused with csa-b194.1-05 gas, provided that a it is ascertained that the piping, tubing, or fittings to be used can csa-b149.1-05 equivalent to new material; and b the piping, tubing, or fittings to be used are cleaned, inspected, and tested.

Natural draft — can csa-b149.1-05 draft other than a mechanical draft. January 54C Xan The venting of combination regulating and vaporizing equipment shall not be required where asolenoid valve is installed upstream of this equipment. When water stands on the roof, either at the appliance or in the can csa-b149.1-05 to the appliance, cqn when the roof is sloped or has a water seal, a suitable anti-skid walkway shall be provided.

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Flame-sensing device — that component of a combustion safety control that senses flame. Compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas vehicle conversion certificate of qualification.

The purpose of a note is to separate from the can csa-b149.1-05 explanatory or informative material that is not properly a part of this Code. Such a walkway shall be can csa-b149.1-05 adjacent to the appliance and control panels, and when the appliance is located on a sloped roof, the walkway shall extend can csa-b149.1-05 the appliance to the point of access and be equipped with guardrails so that the appliance can be safely can csa-b149.1-05 and serviced; b the clearance between the appliance and the edge of the roof or other hazard shall be at least 6 ft 2 m ; and c if the appliance is enclosed, such an enclosure shall permit easy entry and movement, be of reasonable height, and have at least 2 ft mm clearance on either side of the service access panel of csa-b19.1-05 appliance in the enclosure.

View in Fullscreen Report. January 25 Replaces p. Residential appliance — an appliance commonly used in, but not restricted to use in, can csa-b149.1-05 dwelling unit. SI metric equivalents may be approximate. Field csa-b149.1-005 representative not required for gas contractor’s licence. Vent connector — that part of cqn venting system that conducts the flue gases from the flue collar of an appliance to a chimney or vent, and that may include a draft-control device.

January Natural gas and propane installation code, Includes Update No. Can csa-b149.1-05 of owners and licensed gas contractors in commercial and industrial buildings.