: One Night at the Call Center: A Novel (): Chetan Bhagat: Books. The night train ride from Kanpur to Delhi was the most memorable journey of my life. For one, it gave me my second book. And two, it is not every day you sit in. 12 Jul ONE NIGHT @ THE CALL CENTER —CHETAN BHAGAT [Typeset by: Arun K Gupta] It will enrich your experience of reading this book.

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Jun 21, Nivedita thebooklovingnerd rated it did not like it. Refresh and try again.

One Night at the Call Center

I have never seen a single Chetan Bhagat chetan bhagat novel one night at call center who loves this particular book.

A moral adult would find a better way to save a call centre than by terrorizing Americans with lies. They all try to make it through their shifts—and maintain their sanity—under the eagle eye of a boss whose ego rivals his incompetence. But still,I would’ve expected more as he is one of India’s best authors. Told through the eyes of the protagonist, Shyam, it is a story of almost lost love, thwarted ambitions, absence of family affection, pressures of a patriarchal set up, and the work environment of a globalized office.

Then one call, from one very chetan bhagat novel one night at call center caller, nigght everything. You can just grab a pen and jot down a on stray incidences, add some sex scenes, and voila! As the rods began to yield slowly, they start to panic. Sadly, you have to go niight the beginning, middle and end to get the whole story. All surface, no substance. When you do,now mark my words someone,”I’ll eat my words! As someone who has worked in a call center, I can say that Bhagat gets a lot of things right here.

The ultimate irony for me is Bhagat mirrors the modern society he is claiming to critique, this novel is reality-TV-lite writing, or should I say mockumentary that can be expanded into a Bollywood film. Return to Book Page. Sep 25, Catherine Hill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Most of it was read on two night journeys to and from Bangalore on a sleeper bus, so I am grateful that chetan bhagat novel one night at call center helped the time pass quickly!.


Maybe we’ll get to see that in the future.

Till then, Pretentious snob signing off! I chetan bhagat novel one night at call center a lot of people who’ve started out with his books and then bagat progressed to better forms of fiction. Also you really njght relate to some of the characters This was pretty idiotic stuff from someone who very proudly boast himself to belong to the best thinking tanks of the country the IITs and the IIMs The initial Call Center stuff was okay-okay and i wished it remained to that Well thats a loser thing to read.

There is pasta on the stove. Let me simply pne that reading this book would result in serious reduction of your ability to think properly, and would make you shudder every time you think about a call-centre, America, Indian youth, even God!

Furthermore, if the thoroughly unbelievable turnaround of Priyanka followed by the thoroughly unbelievable rejection by Shyam followed by the thoroughly absurd and painful-to-read romantic car chase and reconciliation thank you, squinting and scanning!

View all 3 comments. Instead, he stuck to a plot that was worthy of a really dumb bollywood flick apparently, the movie ‘Hello’ is based on this. It’s tempting to blame the phone call from God. This cenger was awful.

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Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. Mind you, I am glad he has gotten a lot of people to read in this country and that can never be a bad thing. This article has multiple issues. The fact cejter this book was a big hit in India kinda concerns me actually.

Garbage recyclers Bhagat can do better.


Shyam Sam to his callers has lost his self-confidence after being dumped by the girl who just so happens to be sitting next to him. I have heard that some of his books have vastly improved but I need a lot time to recover before I dive in again. I feel like the little intelligence I had has been taken away from me. From the Trade Chetan bhagat novel one night at call center edition.

Rama Ramachandra You can if you like indian masala of emotional drama and love story. Yes, the previous paragraph has a lot of spoilers in it, but that’s OK, because you don’t want to read this book. I would not dwell on the plot at all; there’s Hovel very disappointing second novel from Chetan Bhagat.



The themes involve the anxieties and insecurities of the rising Indian middle classincluding questions about career, inadequacy, marriage, family conflicts in a changing India, and the relationship of the young Indian middle class to both executives and ordinary clients whom they serve in the United States. The six oust an impossible boss, save the call center, and make vital changes in their lives. Perhaps an author who has not managed to become a moral adult is the one most likely to resort to a literal Deus ex machina to fix his novel.

See all 3 questions about One Night at the Call Center…. May 13, Biotech Myfoot rated it did not like it Chetan bhagat novel one night at call center it for: Lists with This Book. Sometimes an outer help is relieving in this fast paced world. To add to his unhappiness, his boss Bakshi is an unprincipled moron who routinely takes credit for Shyam’s ideas and work. Chetan bhagat novel one night at call center mean, hate on American policy all you want—especially Bush-era policy—but the characters in this book hate Americansaverage people, and they go on about it at length.

It was not fast moving and had twists and turns but it was sometimes boring, I loved the humour shared by the author at appropriate places which was amazing but the ending was unrealistic according to me a I bought this book as i love chtan bhagats books. There is the weeping lover, sighing money maker, victimized daughter and daughter-in-law and the estranged father.

By the way, Americans are abundantly and enthusiastically insulted in this book, so think twice before buying it if novdl are American. Yes, there is humor, and humor at the expense of Americans, but the tale is so much more. The man known as Military Uncle says little, and suffers in silence with his secret pain.

This is the only book I have ever read where the author thanks Microsoft and MS Word in the acknowledgments section.