This Documentation and the Programs described herein are furnished under the In addition to this book, an extensive documentation set is available after. The new Version a adds to the long history of successful releases of the flagship Detailed step-by-step instructions are available on HTML and PDF formats. This Documentation and the Programs described herein are furnished under COMSOL Multiphysics version a contains many new functions and additions.

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External Radiation Sources External radiation sources can now be defined in the Heat Transfer Module as sources at infinity or as point sources at finite distance. This model considers the case when the material is sufficiently prestressed so as to obtain the maximum magnetostriction.

You can now reuse parameterized geometry objects between simulations by inserting a geometry sequence from another model file. The electric fields has both AC and DC components and the combination of the two is essential for the function of the spectrometer. Interactive Slice and Isosurface Plots Any scalar quantity of interest can be visualized by slice plots or isosurface plots.

When you select Custom you get a number of options for the typical components of a plot title: For each time-step of a transient simulation you can automatically use a stationary solution of a different study and physics. This functionality is available for all lumped parameters: Let me know if you find something about how to solve scattering cross section problem in the 4.

Such meshes can be generated very quickly and without human intervention. Interactive slice and isosurface plots Quick interactive positioning of plot surfaces with slider control. I have yuide learn about scattering and absorption cross section, so i think it can be very helpfull.


New Infinite Elements allow for finite-sized representation of such domains and include the current balance of large parts of electrodes and electrolytes. This model simulates the temperature profile in a liquid-cooled battery pack.

You can now select multiple nodes of the Model Builder tree simultaneously to quickly delete entire chunks of model definitions. The model is driven by a constant current rather than a constant voltage. The new Join Data Set is used to compare solutions corresponding to different meshes, time steps, or parameter values. Custom Plot Titles The Title section for plots now provides a Custom setting for creating a ussr plot title.

The cell puts two different laminar streams in contact for a controlled period of time. The screenshot shows an electrical resistance calculation for a copper wire created with a geometric sweep along an interpolation curve with x,y,z data imported from file.

This example demonstrates how to model the fluid flow of an inkjet nozzle, for instance, in a printer. Another new important feature of the Heat Transfer Module is that it you can define radiation on both sides of a boundary when surface-to-surface radiation is used. Sketch on Work Planes in 3D It is now possible to interactively sketch 2D primitives on work planes directly in 3D allowing for easier geometry object positioning.

The geometry sequence in the Model Builder tree defines the geometric objects and the sequence of operations used to combine them into composite guid. Transitional Flow Interface A new Transitional Flow interface makes it possible to model isothermal flow across the full range of Knudsen numbers domsol the laminar flow limit to the molecular flow limit. The new Interior Wall boundary condition for single-phase flow makes it easy to define a thin-wall condition between two fluid domains.



Two new examples are available:. Please refer to the Documentation section for a link to the guide.

In a Fluid-Film Properties subnode you define the fluid properties, gas properties, and rarefaction effects. This will request an interactive session on usfr compute node, with 8 processor cores, for a duration of 2 44.2. The new version of the Structural Mechanics Module includes five new tutorials for important applications:. From the table you can create a new Table Surface plot for plotting 2D response surfaces and a new Table Graph for a 1D graph plot of the results versus a parameter.

This Documentation and the Programs described.

COMSOL a Release Highlights

When the simulation is complete, copy the file back to your home on CIRCE, and re-open the file to review the results on your desktop. It also applies to imported CAD models. You can now add thin-film damping to a boundary directly in the Solid Mechanics interface.

This model estimates the magnetic anomaly for both surface and aerial prospecting by solving for the induced magnetization in the iron ore due to the earth’s magnetic field. Please login with a confirmed email address before reporting spam.

The flow is simulated using the newly added k-omega turbulence model.