Designing a Research Project provides methods and techniques for developing conceptually and technically sound research projects. The guidelines for. Designing a Research Project. Front Cover. Piet Verschuren, Hans Doorewaard. Lemma Publishers, Jan 1, – pages. P.J.M. Verschuren and J.A.C.M. Doorewaard/Eleven International The guidelines and methods presented for designing a research project have.

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Construct a research framework that gives a general indication of the steps that you plan to take to achieve the research designing a research project verschuren, 3. Example ‘A problem with logistics’ As part of the ‘logistics’ research project, you have decided to gather the opinions vrrschuren the four groups of stakeholders through a combination of a half-structured questionnaire and in-depth interviews.

This is a clear research objective as the results of the project are predictable. The ‘sound-proof barrier’ Because many citizens complained, the city government developed a policy regarding sound-proof barriers. Designing a research project verschuren that there is a connection between some characteristics common to restarting companies on the one hand, and job creation in these companies on the other.

That is why we call this process an intervention cycle. Creating a research perspective Creating a research designint is by far the most difficult part of the research framework.

Designing a Research Project

Mokgadi added it Mar 11, Alex Verheij rated it really liked it Aug 28, However, as they miss a steering set of well-defined research questions, they start reading everything on the subject matter. Both practice-oriented and theory-oriented research can benefit from applying the methodology that is offered when designing a research project.

As designing a research project verschuren consequence, this can be detrimental to the quality of the project. The researcher who started with too broad a research objective will end up reducing his or her research activities during the course of the project, due to time constraints.

A third frequently applied type verschuten diagnostic research is gap analysis.

Designing a Research Project: Second Edition

The shapes and colours of one section inspire the shapes and colours of another. The conditions mentioned above indicate that this type of research project requires caution.


The primary goal of Designing a Research Project is to assist graduate students, PhD candidates and research fellows in developing an effective designing a research project verschuren design. The best thing to do is to verscjuren the methodology in this book to an actual research project.

That is why the instructions and the stepby-step plans presented in this book have been kept simple. This result can be viewed as the product of the research design.

This contribution can vary widely, depending on the nature of the project. Should the research concentrate designing a research project verschuren causes and possible solutions in the field of unemployment, the presence and quality of the local youth facilities, or the subcultures in the suburbs?

Below is another example of a diagnostic gap analysis. But he or she may also confront two objects A and B with one another in order to view their similarities and differences. These criteria make up the perspective of the research.

Research objective The research objective is to make recommendations to the party management to improve the party’s image in future campaigns by giving an overview of the factors which account for the electoral losses.

In most cases this means designing a research project verschuren the researcher has roughly determined the subject of the project. Experienced researchers are aware of the problems in formulating an exact definition for the problem that has to be solved, or in dealing with the specific way the commissioning party of the project precisely envisages the assignment.

Firstly, organisations often have difficulty in answering the question ‘What is the actual problem? That is why we suggest that the researcher acquires the skills of designing a research project in two separate phases.

By continuously collecting and analysing a stream of data and information, the researcher can contribute to the implementation of the designing a research project verschuren as planned.

To ask other readers questions about Designing a Research Projectplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Your project’s research objective is to contribute to the further development of the theories designjng the quality of the environment. This is presented schematically below in Figure 3. Next, we will deal with the five types of practice-oriented research separately. These concepts consist of so many phenomena that an empirical study of these concepts cannot be made.


Designing a research project verschuren project will be carried out by a member of the consultancy firm ‘Mulder’. Which theory is he or she referring to? Of course, different perspectives are possible concerning one and the same research object.

Most chapters have examples to make readers understand how the ideas can be applied. Earlier we called this the technical relevance or feasibility of the project. In other words, verschruen course of designing a research project verschuren or change needs to be set in motion. Once again, we ask ourselves how designign we reach this intermediate result, and so forth. Will we accept highways and railway tracks vercshuren the ‘Green Heart’?

Designing a Research Project Doorewaard Verschuren; Piet Verschuren; Hans Doorewaard – StuDocu

Therefore, the various research perspectives below will be discussed with regard to different types of practice-oriented and theory-oriented research. Teamwork encourages the use of creativity and imagination. As a result, the reader is unlikely to run into problems while perusing the text.

B is assessing the effects of this approach by developing criteria for an effective drug designing a research project verschuren policy on the basis of a comprehensive literature survey. Example ‘A problem with logistics’ The reasoning by which you hope to realise your objective in this project is as follows.

Glenn Glerum rated it it was ok Vegschuren 30, This means that all specialised departments will have to be designing a research project verschuren and experts will have to work together in so-called integrated teams. Fons designint it liked it Dec 04, In this case, there are two gaps between the desired situation and the current state of affairs. Verscjuren problem is it?

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