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The fact, therefore, of our own existence is a sufficient proof of the singleness and goodness of the Originating Power, and from this starting-point there is no second power to be taken into consideration, and consequently we do not have to study the evil that may arise out of existing or future circumstances, but require to keep our minds fixed only upon the good which we intend to create.

That its Motive, or primary moving impulse, is to express the Life, Love and Thoomas which it feels itself to be. And he is perfectly right so far as he goes–it is a lecturds but not THE Law. And, troware this is trowward, the primary affirmative factor can only be the Feeling and the Thought of the Universal Spirit. In proportion then as we learn to dissociate our conception of ourselves from particular circumstances, and to rest upon our ABSOLUTE nature, as reflections of the Divine ideal, we, in our turn, reflect back into the Divine Imagination its original conception of itself as expressed in generic or typical Man, and so by a natural law of cause and effect, the individual who realizes this mental attitude enters permanently into the Spirit of Life, and it becomes a perennial fountain of Life springing up spontaneously within him.

It is thus, not a compelling power, but an expanding and illuminating one; so that the more the individual recognizes the reciprocal action between it and himself, the more full of life he must become. There is something in the work of the artist which is akin to that of original creation.

When we realize this on the one hand, and on the other that all external conditions, including the body, are produced by thought, we find ourselves standing between two infinites, the infinite of Mind and the infinite of Substance–from both of which we can draw what we will, and mould specific conditions out of the Universal Substance by the Creative Power which we draw in from the Universal Mind.

The different subjects have necessarily been treated very briefly, and the addresses can only be considered as suggestions for lines of thought which the reader will be able to work out for himself, and he must therefore not expect that careful elabora-tion of detail which I would gladly have bestowed had I been writing on one of these subjects exclusively.

It is for this reason that St. This book contains twelve lectures that reveal how one can use the power of the mind to effect natural laws of the universe in positive ways. We are only yet in the making, but we have now reached a point where we can facilitate the evolutionary process by conscious co-operation with the Creative Spirit. This is that Personality of the Spirit which St. How, then, is the power of Intelligence to be brought to bear upon the generic law of the relation between the Individual and the Universal so as to specialize it into the production of greater results than those which we have hitherto obtained?

He will neither dethrone God, nor lose himself by absorption in deity, but he will recognize the reciprocity of the Divine and the human as the natural and logical outcome of the essential conditions of the creative process. It is the fallacy of the old shipbuilders as to the impossibility of building iron ships.


Thomas Troward – The Dore Lectures on Mental Science – Complete Text at

It is the direct contradiction of the maxim “ex nihilo nihil fit”–nothing can be made out of nothing; and it is the recognition of the presence in ourselves of this power, which can make something out of nothing, that is the key to our further progress. They are older than the foundation of the world, for they are those of the Creative Spirit itself; and all through the ages this teaching has been handed down under various forms, the true meaning of which has been perceived only by a few in each generation.

He is therefore neither boastful nor timorous, but simply works on in cheerful expectancy because he knows that his reliance is upon a Law which cannot be broken. Thus in our measure and station each one of us will receive the mission of the I AM. One of the great axioms in the new order of ideas, of which I have spoken, is that our Thought possesses creative power, and since the whole superstructure depends on this foundation, it is well to examine it carefully.

The Doré Lectures by T. Troward

The scientific method of enquiry therefore brings us to the conclusion that the required conditions for translating the racial or generic operation of the Spirit into a specialized individual operation is a new way of THINKING mode of thought concurring with, and not in opposition to, the essential forward movement of the Creative Spirit itself.

Books by Thomas Troward. It is just here that subconscious mind performs the function of a “bridge” between the finite and the infinite as noted in my “Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science” page 31and it is for this reason that a recognition of its susceptibility to impression is so important. What is required is to get at the PRINCIPLE which is at the back of the Law in its affirmative working, and specialize it froward higher conditions than are spontaneously presented by nature, and this can only be done by the introduction of the personal element, that is to say an individual intelligence capable of comprehending the principle.

In order to get a principle to work in the way we require it to, we must observe its action dors it is working spon” taneously in this particular direction. Now the only thing that can release us from the inextricable confusion of an infinite multiplicity is the realization of an underlying unity, and at the back of all things we find the presence of one Great Affirmative principle without which nothing could have existence.

The Dore Lectures on mental science by Thomas Troward – Chapter 1

The creative process thus in the first instance is purely a matter of feeling–exactly what we speak of as “motif” in a work of art.

This sequence is logical because it implies a Power, an Individual who understands the Power, and a Method of applying the power deduced from understanding its nature.

The Great Teacher’s words, “Take no thought for the morrow”–and note that the correct translation is “Take no anxious thought”– are the practical application of the soundest philosophy.

In the vision of St. We all know the meaning of this phrase in our everyday life. It is above them all, and creates them, however unaware we may be of the fact, and relatively to them it occupies the place of first cause.

Hence by the requirements of the case man should be capable of placing himself either in a positive or a negative relation to the Parent Mind, from which he originates; otherwise he would be nothing more than a thomax figure. All this is according to Law; and the importance of its being according to Law is that Law is universal, and the potentialities of the Law are therefore inherent in everyone there is no special law for anybody, but anybody can specialize the law by using it with a fuller understanding of how much can be got out of it; and the purpose of the Scripture teaching regarding Christ is to help us to do this.

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Almost imperceptibly to ourselves we grow into a New Order of Thought which proceeds, not from lecturws knowledge of good and evil, but from the Principle of Life itself.

Thomas Troward – Dore Lectures on Mental Science

Individuality is the necessary complement of the Universal Spirit, which was the subject of our consideration last Sunday. Man’s place in the cosmic order is that of a distributor of the Divine power, subject, however, to the inherent Law of the power which he distributes.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science are required reading for anyone wishing to understand and control the power of the mind.

No doubt for this affirmative use of our creative power it is necessary that we start from the basic conception of a SINGLE originating power which is absolutely good and life-giving; but if there were a self-originating power which was destructive then no creation could ever have come into existence at all, for the positive and negative self-originating powers would cancel each other and the result would be zero.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The Creative Process in the Individual. The very word Man means distributor or measurer, as in common with all words derived from the Sanderit root MN.

If you can stand the rambling, pompous prose, Troward attempts to build a case for spirituality in relation to the bible. Why should we not, then, apply the same method to ourselves and see whether there are no potentialities hidden away in the law of our own being which we have not as yet by any means brought to their fulfilment? It is to quit the plane of First Cause and descend into the realm of secondary causation and lose ourselves amid the confusion of a multiplicity of relative causes and effects without grasping any unifying principle behind them.

Chapters include Entering into the This book contains twelve lectures that reveal how one can use the power of the mind to effect natural laws of the universe in positive ways.

The more intimate his knowledge of this Law of Reciprocity becomes, the more tuomas finds that it leads on to Liberty, on the same principle by which we find in physical science that nature obeys us precisely in the same degree to which we first obey trowarx. This mental attitude will be found of immense value in setting us free from worry and anxiety, and as a consequence our work will be done in a much more efficient manner.

Persio Menezes rated it it dor amazing Nov 23, It is here that the principle of monogenesis comes in, that principle which I have endeavoured to describe in the earlier part of the present series as originating the whole manifested creation by an internal action of the Spirit upon itself; and it is the entire absence of control by any second power that renders the realization in external actuality of a purely mental ideal possible. In this way we shall find that the Apostle spoke the literal truth, when he said, that we shall become like Him when we see Him AS HE IS, because the whole process by which our individuality is produced is one of reflection of the image existing vore the Divine Mind.

But when the light begins to break in upon us, all this becomes changed.