Gang Leader for a Day has ratings and reviews. Petra X said: Sudhir Venkatesh had a problem when researching and writing this book. It was s. 4 Mar The publisher of Sudhir Venkatesh’s Gang Leader for a Day is trying to flog it by its association with Freakonomics (Venkatesh contributed to. 12 Jan Sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh befriended the leader of one of the country’s largest and most violent gangs and ultimately led the gang for a day.

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A couple of stops later he ripped out the page from the book where he’d drawn a map for us of exactly where we would need to go and got off. Although built as recently gang leader for a day sudhir venkateshand a place where a curious white kid was welcome for a chat at the Black Panther food distribution point, I was later advised in a ‘garden’ between the red-and-cream blocks to get my ‘white ass in a yellow cab and out of black town’, which I did.

He’s happy when the gang leader takes an interest in the author’s pet project to find out exactly how much everyone’s earning and then is shocked, shocked I tell you, when the gang leader uses that to extort more money from people and beat people who have not been paying him enough this is beyond being dumb — I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t see that coming! There were police officers that would come into the buildings and beat drug dealers, then raid their apartments, stealing their drugs and their money, but without issuing an gang leader for a day sudhir venkatesh.

My son and I looked at the scenery we were tourists and chatted and saw the man next to me writing in a notebook. Web Resources Sudhir Venkatesh.

Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets

Mar 18, Alex rated it really liked it. This stunning act of betrayal burned Venkatesh’s sources by revealing their shadowy w operations to two figures who immediately shook down the building hustlers for street taxes.

Your ethnicity was one of the qualities that most gang leader for a day sudhir venkatesh the people you met at Robert Taylor. Since a police presence would be bad for gwng business, he uses his gang leader for a day sudhir venkatesh as a sort of police force to control petty crimes in the building. Rather than asking survey questions and then breaking down the data using quantitative and statistical techniques safely behind a desk, he immersed himself in this alternate life instead using another method called “ethnography”, or the studying of life by direct observation.


But I can’t promise that you won’t have to do something you may not like. All in all, it was great, on the ground history for someone like me who grew up on the southside and spent my whole life passing by the Robert Taylor homes, never entering them and remembering vividly what the city looked like with them and then even more vividly recalling the emptiness of that stretch of State St when they were gone.

Researcher Studies Gangs by Leading One : NPR

Through his experiences Mr. So, unlike him, I never knew what really happened behind the distress and chain-link mesh, about the guile and tribulation, and I gng met ‘JT’. Jun 02, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: He turned on the gang leader for a day sudhir venkatesh, jacked the music a bit louder. One of my best friends is a public housing tenant and we laugh at our differences as well as our similarities. Having joined a vigilante posse on the hunt in Robert Taylor for the alleged rapist, Venkatesh delivers a kick to the suspect’s stomach as he resists the citizens’ arrest.

He asks questions about issues that matter — what public policies can and should be put into place to help poor African-Americans?

He doesn’t make any substantive observations besides those of his own emotional reactions. Venkatesh knew that JT and his gang “taxed” all the residents who used the building as a place to make money — and JT was apparently unaware of many of these schemes.

Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh – Reading Guide –

To them I say this book is a shining example of what can be produced when you immerse yourself gang leader for a day sudhir venkatesh your subject why maintaining an objective view. If you’re willing to give him the benefit of a significant doubt, Venkatesh’s early ignorance of the danger that he encounters is plausible. Sudhir couldn’t figure out why the residents wouldn’t just call the gang leader for a day sudhir venkatesh when crimes such as brutal assaults took place.


So much for the fear the other people had of sitting next to these men. His previous wor Sudhir Venkatesh is William B. Sudhir’s example of humility and JT’s earnest desire to matter are relevant today. He had worker-bee foot soldiers who stood on the street and sold the product crackand he had a whole variety of customers.

Researcher Studies Gangs by Leading One

And maybe that is the key to joining gangs, all of his feelings, but the price is you have gsng participate in crime and violence, except if you are a sociologist.

I do believe people can create friendships across socioeconomic lines.

In your opinion, does Gang Leader for a Day do more to confirm or to dispute that there is such a culture? In answer to the survey’s question, they explain that they’re not black or African American, that they are niggers.

The police or tenant leaders. Venkatesh begins his story as a university student who stupidly wanders into the Robert Taylor Homes of Chicago for a sociology project and ends it as a Sociology professor and a trusted confidant of a major Chicago gang leader. Suudhir, he brought up a lot of important issues but made no effort to discuss potential solutions. No matter how embedded he was or felt, S.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Stay in Touch Sign up. There are corrupt cops! Venkatesh’s access enabled him to develop a ganv and unique understandi Having relied heavily on Venkatesh’s American Project for background on my own college thesis, I had high hopes for Gang Leader. I also read a book about girl gangs, 8 Ball Chicks.