17 Jan Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : M.n. ioned. The Historical Role Of Islam [M N Roy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before This book. The Historical Role Of Islam has 20 ratings and 6 reviews. Shadin said: This book helps me to rethink about the origin of Islam. M.N Roy described shor.

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Trade rolf the vision of man. Since decayed states and degenerated religions bred the germs of continued wars and perennial revolts, their destruction was a condition for peace. The people, for whom Islamic history is summarized in the exploits of fanatical hordes, dramatically offering the dismayed world the choice between the Koran and the sword, with the blood-curdling cry of “Allah Akhbar”, do not know, or conveniently overlook, that only the immediate successors of Mohammad occupied themselves solely with temporal and religious conquests; and even they were distinguished from the barbarian ravishers of humanity like Alaric, Attila, Genseric, Chengis or Tamerlane, by the nobility of character, purity of purpose and piety of spirit.

Apr 07, Shuvo Shaha rated it really liked it.

The Historical Role Of Islam

Having seen different peoples cherish diverse forms of superstitions as divine wisdom, practice equally absurd rites and rituals or expressing devotion, historicsl prejudices to the dignity of eternal truth, the cosmopolitan mind of the traveled trader indulgently smiles upon the credulity of all, deplores their depravity equally, m.nroy respects the common element of faith beneath the superficial diversities of theological dogmas and forms of worship.

Godliness, for them, was not a veil for greediness. This, in its turn, inspired the nomads of a desert to establish one of the vastest and most flourishing empires of history. Dec 23, Tanvir Klion rated it it was amazing. The culture and refinement of the courts of Bokhara and Samarqand, the munificence of the Fatemite rulers of Africa and the splendor of the Sultans of Andalusia were equally produced rather by the profits of prosperous trade than by taxes extorted by despotic measures.

No invader can establish an abiding m.n.rou over conquered peoples, except with their active support or tacit toleration. Shabeeb Alikkal added it Mar 14, But just as it had subverted and replaced older cultures, decayed In course of time, Islam, in its turn, was also overstepped by further social developments, and consequently had to hand over its spiritual leadership to other agencies born out of newer conditions.


The Historical Role Of Islam: An Essay On Islamic Culture

The Historical Role Of Islam: Imran Ruhul rated it it historicsl amazing Apr 30, A part of the wealth produced by the toiling masses, when left with themselves, becomes a powerful impetus to trade. Fanatically faithful to the revolutionary teachings of the Prophet, and obediently acting according to the noble, wise and eminently practical injunctions of the Hitorical, the Saracen invaders easily enlisted the sympathy and support of the peoples they conquered.

The great hero is credited to have declared in his youth, “it is not the delicacies of Syria, or the fading delights of this world, that have prompted me to devote my life in the cause of religion, I only seek the favor of God, and his apostle”. But there is a vast difference between the tidal waves that occasionally rolled West, South and East, from the border land of Europe and Asia, and the Arabic eruption of religious frenzy. It is a gross misreading of history to confound Islam with militarism.

But it contributed to the forging of new ideological instruments which brought about the subsequent social revolution. Fakhural Hassan marked it as to-read Jun 09, The historic battle, begun by the nomads of the Arabian Desert, ot the religious flag of Islam, was fought step by step through a thousand years on fields scattered over the three continents, to be won finally in Europe under the profane standard of uistorical eighteenth century Enlightenment and Rolw Revolution.

Pillage and plunder, tyranny and oppression came to be associated with Muslim conquests only after the power of the Saracens had been overwhelmed by the. Debashish marked hitorical as to-read Apr 20, Abhinav marked it as to-read Mar 27, M.h.roy just mindblowingly avoided the “spiritual Islam”. Sukarjakhro marked it as to-read Apr 17, The only purpose that this book serves in explaining that the communists writer being the founder of CPI have always had a blind spot for Islam.

Mamnoon Khan rated it really liked it Sep 28, Roy was a founder of the communist parties in Mexico and India, and a delegate to congresses of the Communist International and Russia’s aide to China. They began to seek riches no longer in war, but in trade and industry; fame, not on the field of battle, but in the pursuit of science and literature; and happiness, no longer in the fanatical worship of one God and his only Prophet, but in the harmless enjoyment of social and domestic life.


Asghar Ali Engineer – M. N. Roy on the Historical Role of Islam

War and worship were their noble professions. It demolished the holy edifices of the Cesars and the Chosroes, only to rescue from their Impending ruin the accumulated treasures of human knowledge, to preserve and multiply them for the benefit of the posterity.

The stupendous ruins of the Roman and Persian Empires had k.n.roy be cleared away so that a new social order could rise with new ideas and new Ideals. The instruments were experimental science and rationalist philosophy. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Salman Saleem rated it really liked it Apr 09, The laws of Koran revolutionized social relations.

Umesh rated it really liked it Apr 15, Roy later moved away from Marxism to become an exponent of the philosophy of radical humanism.

Sohaib Rashid added it Mar j.n.roy, A must read historical book for those who are interested about social and political history of this planet. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. They only created the conditions for political unity which opened up an era of economic prosperity and spiritual progress. The dark superstition of the Magian mysticism, and the corrupt atmosphere of the Greek Church vitiated the spiritual life of the subjects of the decrepit Persian and Byzantine Empires rendering all moral and intellectual progress impossible.

Increased production, the result rope this revolution, quickened trade which ushered in an era of cosmopolitanism and spiritual uplift. Imrankhan marked it as to-read Apr 17, The second Khalif, Omar, whose impetuous horsemen had pushed their victorious march through the Persian Empire, to the distant banks of the Oxus, on the one side, and were masters of m.n.rly second metropolis of the Roman world — Alexandria — on the other, made his historicall entry into Jerusalem on a camel which also carried the entire royal provision and equipage—a small tent of coarse hair, a bag of corn, a bag of dates, a wooden bowl, and a leathern flask of water.