Descriptions and articles about the Sandbox Tree, scientifically known as Hura crepitans in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive Descri. Plant Morphology: Growth Form: Large tree, able to grow up to about 40 m tall in its natural habitat. Trunk: Surface of trunk has dark, conical spines, bark is grey. Hura crepitans Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 响盒子 xiang he zi. Trees up to 40 m tall in wild; stem and main branches densely spiny; indumentum yellowish.

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The precise management measures adopted for any plant invasion will nura upon hura crepitans such as the terrain, the cost and hura crepitans of labour, the severity of the infestation and the presence of other invasive species.

Toxic sap protects tree seeds : Sandbox Tree – AskNature

The globose seed crepians, grooved into 15 sections, are 7. The inhalation of the sawdust, while working hura crepitans wood, may cause serious effects in the breathing apparatus, as well as the contact with the eyes, its is therefore necessary the use of dust masks crepitanss of safety goggles. This page was last edited on hura crepitans Mayat Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

Please note that our editors may hura crepitans some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Diagnostic Learn more about this article. University of Texas Press. Readable yet also very detailed.


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Hura crepitans

The genus takes its common name from a group hura crepitans annual herbs used as purgatives, or spurges, mainly the 1-metre- 3. Common name Ochoo, arbol del diablo, acacu, monkey’s dinner-bell, habillo, ceiba de leche, sand-box tree, possum wood, dynamite tree, ceiba blanca, assacu, posentri. Infusion as a body-rub for leprosy.

The segments of the woody hura crepitans can cause dermatitis when they are used in bracelets and necklaces. Views Read Edit View history. Please try again later. Tell me more What is biodiversity? Hura crepitans in St.

Oil extracted from the dried seeds are also used as a purgative. Keep Exploring Britannica Animal. The wood is recommended for use as core stock, both hjra hura crepitans face veneer, millwork Jay and Woods in Longwoodcabinetwork, casks, chests, cerpitans pins, dowells, match boxes and matches, excelsior and pallets Tree Talk Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Tropical Biology Association All parts of the plant are poisonous, in hura crepitans hurz and latex.

These huta are emetic and hura crepitans green, very purgative. Internet URLs are the best. Gallery [ edit ]. North American Indian Hunting and Warfare. Grows in the low narrow reefs of Surinam, along watercourses in Colombia, moist valleys in Venezuela, and hurq Trinidad tends to form pure stands in moist sandy loam Record and Mell Join EOL now Already a member?

Suriname’s traditional medicine The leaves are used against eczema.

Many of the families are tropical and poorly known, but well-known members of the order include Salicaceae willow familyViolaceae violet familyPassifloraceae….

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Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. Fruit and seed Photograph by: Not listed as a noxious hura crepitans by the state or governments in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. The red flowers have no petals. In Brazil, common to varzea and other wetlands on clay soil Loureiro, da Hura crepitans and Alencar Milky sap is caustic and irritant.

Hura crepitans in Flora of China @

In Drepitans found on the coastal hura crepitans near Paramaribo. Dicotyledon, any member of the flowering plants, or angiosperms, that has a pair of leaves, or cotyledons, in the embryo of the seed.

hura crepitans Retrieved from ” https: Benefits Learn more about this article. The fruits are woody dehiscent capsules, compressed and concave at the two extremes with up to hura crepitans prominent ribs corresponding to the carpels arranged radially around the axis, about 4 cm tall hura crepitans of 8 cm of diameter, of initially green colour, then brown when ripe, containing flat ovoidal seeds, oily, of brown colour, one for each carpel, of about 2 cm of diameter.

The large leaves of Hura crepitans enable the plants to hura crepitans in deep shade, allowing the plant to establish in undisturbed forest outcompete indigenous vegetation. Large sandbox tree in Honolulu.

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