Alloy of Law Campaign Setting & Game Supplement. $ – $ Select options · Sale! Alloy of Law: Masks of the Past (Mistborn Adventure Game). Rally Your Crew Based on the best-selling novels by Brandon Sanderson and powered by an all new story-driven rules system, the Mistborn Adventure Game. 14 Nov If you’re not familiar with Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, it’s an epic dystopian fantasy series set in a world where ash drifts down from the sky.

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Some of it is specific to this game how to set difficulty, when and how to use Complications and Nudges, etc. Aside mistborn rpg the endsheets of the Deluxe Hardcover Edition and the cover, the Mistborn Adventure Game is a black-and-white affair, with most of the character and scene illustrations handled by Ben McSweeney.

Contains three parts, the first explains mistborn rpg core rules, the second describes magic, the third provides information for the gamemaster [7]. Oren Ashkenazi November 14, at Its two primary functions are getting a hint from the GM and altering the narrative so the mistborn rpg catches a lucky break. The attribute’s rating is the base number of dice to use for an mistborn rpg contest Wits rating in dice for a mental contest, etc.

Mistborn Adventure Game – The Coppermind – 17th Shard

A character has a number of traits, which are just words or short sentences that describe them. Gat out of Hell.

The hardcover varies mistbotn content from the softcover and PDF only by mistborn rpg a pair of beautiful full color endsheets. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. There are three strata of people in this volcanic wasteland: Any dice beyond ten in a pool become automatic Mistborn rpg.

A real shame, mistbon. Also, there is a handy chart that gives a nice visual representation of highly likely a given action will succeed based mistborn rpg the number of dice in the Dice Pool.


In fact, it seems like a number of efforts were made to make it appear more like most mistborn rpg one would see mistborn rpg a bookstore. The actual title of each supplement is printed beneath the game title. I’ll give a few examples of some of my favorites. Yes, but those are handled a bit differently.

This page was last edited on 2 Julyat Shannon Lewis June 30, at 4: For example, flaring tin lets you ignore all sorts of negative conditions, like sleepiness or mistborn rpg, temporarily.

Quake Champions’s handy heatmaps show exactly mistborn rpg the party is at. The GM decides what their real destiny is. The matching numbers rolled become the Resultand must be equal to or higher than the required Difficulty rated to succeed at a Challenge.

Mistborn Adventure Game

Following the chapter on the specifics of Contests, Mistborn rpg gets an extended breakdown over four chapters. As a fan of the novels, this chapter was a treat. When someone else’s character attacks you before your action, you have to decide how many of your Action Dice you want to spend on mistborn rpg. It takes a really bad game for me to skip it altogether. Watch more on YouTube Subscribe to our channel. This works until you get to magic durations, which are measured in minutes and seconds.

If you like the Mistborn novels, you owe it to yourself to check out this game. In the Mistborn Adventure Game, there are two major steps: Compared to many other role playing games such as Mistborn rpg and Dragons, the Mistborn Adventure Game has a light focus on rules and a strong focus on storytelling and player character development, using a semi-theatrical approach. The mistborn rpg chapter Behind the Curtain explains the role of the Narrator in the game.


The number of dice rolled is determined by a character’s abilities. If you succeed in your attack, you do one damage to the targeted Resilience. After the Introduction, the book is divided into three sections, called “books”. mistborn rpg

RPG based on Mistborn novels cancelled

mistborn rpg Some magical abilities are frustratingly difficult to use. Player Characters PCs are refered to as “Heroes” in this book.

Submit a new mistborn rpg post. In the game, it makes them like unto gods. Please refrain mistborn rpg personal attacks and any homophobic comments. Final Thoughts and Score I mistborn rpg the plain language mistborn rpg the book. Things we liked It’s very simple. Tale of the GuardiansMistborn: Time to delve a little deeper Honestly we tried to play this with friends and this game just flat flopped.

Warrior-sorcerers called Allomancers derive magical power from common metals, and a violent aristocracy maintains their rule on the backs of a brutalized peasant class. They simply ooze dramatic potential. Secrets are detailed in their own chapter. For me, this makes it a wonderful setting for interesting conflicts and drama.

Latest articles Mistborn rpg your hand at multiplayer pinball game Kabounce free this weekend 1. This will likely inform the mistborn rpg of Heroes the players will create.

This section offers advice on how to expand those places and incorporate them in your game. It was very hard to think of a way to challenge all of my players when one could just punch everything and the other just sorta… talked? Strong means you’re a mistborn or keeper. Reply to Oren Ashkenazi.