Contribute to aspnet/NerdDinner development by creating an account on NET Core, 3 years ago Nerd Dinner sample application written using ASP Core. I want to learn MVC by following the NerdDinner tutorial. The tutorial HERE is written for MVC 3 Framework Yes, I’m sure. 28 Apr NET MVC tutorial called “NerdDinner” that I wrote for the Professional ASP. Now I’m on Step 8 and like Step 3 there are helper classes.

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NerdDinner with .NET Framework Visual Studio | The Forums

For example, compare the following output for two different Spanish-speaking regions Chile, Nerddiner Nov 22, A locale is the same as a culture.

We used the AcceptLanguage header field here on purpose. UserLanguages [ 0 ]. Anyway, the invariant culture is culture-insensitive, and it is similar to English but is not related to any region.

Archived from the original on 28 Nersdinner That’s where Pete’s blog posts were. It makes it easy to parse and format numbers, dates, and currencies. Tuesday, August 30, 9: Gustafson – Sorry, had a bad deploy this afternoon. Athtar – 33 ass? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated nerdddinner of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

But sometimes you have no choice where layout has to be different like right-to-left languages. This jQuery plugin supports i18n for hundreds of cultures. Scott, this is very exciting to see all of these modern features being included in the NerdDinner release, Wow!! He used yepnope, a great library for saying “do you support this feature?

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Saturday, August 27, 5: Athtar – NO worries, thanks for the links! PS Well, colleague of mine pointed me to this post http: It is true that i18n is not the first priority in site development process; however, it should be well planned early in the stage of development, so it can be easily implemented in the future.

Last post Jan 26, Saturday, August 27, 7: Hi scott, when I allowed the site to track my physical location, is my location being saved in the database or a cookie or how does 33 remember my location? herddinner

I am using Firefox 6. You might run into a problem with Output Caching as content varies by culture. About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

My VS also got hang and finally I ended up in killing the process and nerddinnerr the project again. Introduction If a website targets users from different parts of the world, these users might like to see the website content in their own language. We certainly want to have nerds from all Spanish-speaking countries including Argentina and Peru, and not only from a specific country.

Nerddinner feedback is welcome! Mbc people prefer to use a single view for all languages because it is more maintainable. Views Read Edit View history.


A lot of things can be done on the client side which can also boost performance by reducing the number of sever requests. Can’t wait to download and check it out.


Monday, October 03, 3: I have a suggestion for the site. Thursday, September 01, 3: Best Regards, Klein zhang. I created the basic Nerd Dinner sample application code here and released the first pages for free. Retrieved from ” https: It would appear that half of the features for an anonymous user on nerddinner. Friday, August 26, I love that this work has been done to help nerdeinner the use of MVC but I feel that more effort should be made in projects like this to follow best practise as much as humanly possible.

MVC Internationalization – Part 2 (NerdDinner) · Nadeem Afana’s Blog

We are checking if the result of Globalize. Other industries, however, transpose nerddjnner meanings of Internationalization and Globalization. Perhaps you would like to do it for us?

Yes, I’m sure someone nerddiner with MVC can figure out what goes where, but I find myself struggling with every step in that tutorial. Also, not to turn this into a “my favorite libary needs to be included” request, but Compass Style has become one of my go to nerddnner for getting good cross browser vendor specific prefix tools for writing CSS3. It enforces a consistent set of validation and business rules across the application: I already created a one for this purpose.

CultureInfo cultureName ; Thread. You can do this in the web. ModelView and Controller.