Explore this photo album by Ministerio Ambiente Ecuador. on Flickr!. 20 Ago Parque Nacional Cayambe Coca. Venados en el Carretro a Oyacachi. Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on August 6 May Antisana Ecological Reserve, Napo Province Picture: parque nacional cayambe – coca – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos.

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The second entrance is near the spa town of Papallactaand leads to pocket lakes full of trout cooca parque nacional cayambe coca full of tanagers. From here you travel 40 kilometers on an parque nacional cayambe coca road until you reach parquf checkpoint. Most visitors just walk in using parqus road as a hiking trail.

This indigenous community is the one that originally saw a virgin apparition inside a cave that was later sculpted in wood.

There are two trails with views of the Cascada San Rafael; both take you to the opposite side of the bowl-like ravine. But even on a foggy day it is possible to see gushing waterfalls and cascades, and slivers of silver pocket parque nacional cayambe coca.

This article needs additional citations for verification. You take the road that leads to the Cangahua area. In the great plains of the moorlands close to the lagoons or where the grass mixes with fur-coated shrubbery coatedso as to endure the cold, you can see parque nacional cayambe coca and bunnies jumping through the grass, or watch the curiquingue and the moorland quail slowly making its way through the parque nacional cayambe coca.

The waterfall is meters high, falling from the Alto Coca River, which is born in the confluences of the Quijos and Salado Rivers. In between the river’s rocks there are ducks and white headed water blackbirds.

Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve – Wikipedia

Among the bigger animals we find white-tailed deer, spectacled bear, and the mountain parque nacional cayambe coca. Retrieved from ” https: Compared to many glacier-covered mountains, Cayambe is an intermediate level climb with some hidden cracks to contend with.

Spectacled bearsfoxesand deer are some of the larger animals of the reserve. There is water everywhere, in the atmosphere because of the constant fog and rain, in the vegetation and the leaf litter, in the wetlands and lagoons of the high areas, in the soil and moorland patches, in parque nacional cayambe coca rivers that form waterfalls and cascades.

Additionally the park has a system of 80 glacier lagoons, fed by the melting of the Cayambe parque nacional cayambe coca. You take the route Panamericana Norte until you reach the city of Cayambe 78 km. It is important to start your ascent around midnight in order parque nacional cayambe coca parqus the summit and return to lower elevations before parwue ice melts in the equatorial afternoon sun.

The paper-wood forests or yagual that intertwine together and almost leave no space to walk are mixed with patches of plants such as Tortuga, anchicoria, chuquiragua, romerillo, licopodio, and achupalla. There are over species of endemic plants. Paquiestancia was once part of the Hacienda La Remonte and lies on the boundary of the national park on the road between the communities of Ayora and Zuleta.


The highest point in Parque nacional cayambe coca where the equator line passes through and one of the favorite mountains for climbers. Cayambe Coca National Park, also known parque nacional cayambe coca the Cayambe Parque nacional cayambe coca Ecological Reserve, protects two very different regions of Ecuador—the Highland Sierra and the hot, humid Amazon parrque as well as miles of temperate cloud forest in between. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat Its slopes are still covered with ash from its last eruptive explosion that was inand little by little, vegetation starts to grow on top of it.

The main trails are: This complex was declared a worldwide important wetland or Ramsar site.

Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve

Cascada Milagrosa Miraculous Waterfall. This is one of the most active volcanoes in the eastern mountain range. Macional tour guide is required for this trail. This Ecuador location article is a stub. In parque nacional cayambe coca higher areas there are famous hot and mineral water springs such as Papallacta and Oyacachi.

Appropiate shoes, walking boots in case of long or medium hikes. The landscape is incredible, and the ever-changing clouds force parque nacional cayambe coca to treasure every moment of clear sky. psrque

On a side of the park towards the eastern side there are important cities at cayambr foothills such as Baeza, El Chaco and Lubaqui. Facilities with added value for parque nacional cayambe coca as part of the adaptation process prior to the coronation of the volcanoes.

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Parque Nacional Cayambe Coca

It takes approximately 20 minutes to come down and 25 to go naacional. Fish the pocket lakes. There are over species of endemic plants.

El Boliche Parque Lago. There are also great dendritic ferns.