Ponniyan Selvan of Kalki Krishnamurthy English Translation by Indra Neelameggham [Translator’s Note: Ponniyin Selvan means “Beloved of the Ponni”. 21 Mar Read story Ponniyin Selvan English Part 1 by balamk with reads. Translated by Indra Neelameggham Salt Lake City, Utah. Ponni’s Beloved: An English Translation Of Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Ponniyin Selvan – Kindle edition by Sumeetha Manikandan. Download it once and read it on.

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But beyond that point, there was not much I knew about the actual story. It is a bit difficult to remember the names of characters for a non-Tamilian and I felt, a one line brief in each character as the appendix would have been helpful. The goal of a good translation is to bring the book to a language and open up the beauty of the original to new readers.

Now in the English translation, the selvam will be put to test in a society and language other than Tamil. Even if it’s in English, it has still retained the Tamil essence in it. In all these stories the character of Vandiya Devan is ponniyin selvan english translation one ponniyin selvan english translation all the tales.

The illustration will stand in your mind when you know what character it refers to and which point on the story it is relevant in. Vandiya Devan was sent by Aditya Karikalan to Thanjavur to deliver two important messages.

It is evident from this that the writer has retained much of the original phrases verbatim. To my utter surprise, the writer has a done a rather commendable job of bringing about the visual imagery. To be frank I ponniyin selvan english translation disappointed when it came to an end because it felt ponniykn and incomplete. The language is simple ponniuin understand. The names and places cannot be changed, and the occasional reference to the exhaustive glossary would really help move things along.

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I am eagerly looking forward to picking the next of coming volumes. This novel is interesting throughout even though it is lengthy.

This was not due to lack of interest or enthusiasm, but pponniyin to the fact that I had grown used to reading English books and was not sure I had patience enough to touch the Tamil books. Anirvinnan rated it it was amazing Sep 26, There are some grammatical mistakes which have been avoided with proper review. This book does a wonderful job in eglish the classic.

Trivia About Ponni’s Beloved Idumban Kari -A footman from Kadamboor, a conspirator against Chozla royalty, member of a gang sympathetic to Pandiyas. The footnotes at the end of each page take sselvan of the Tamil words, names, tranwlation. The characters are brought alive in front of the eyes by the descriptive narrative and the author has managed to successfully balance the description to be detailed enough without bordering ponniyin selvan english translation boring or long winded.

Overall, a wonderful read and I would love to read other parts in the Series too. A Good novel should be translated in many languages to reach more people. Jun 16, Vishnu Chevli rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the first book in a 5 part series.

So ponniyin selvan english translation on my experience and my reading swlvan the book translationI must say that the ponniyin selvan english translation in Sumeetha has done a wonderful job.

A time when the Chola dynasty was at their zenith.

Such ponniyin selvan english translation the story line as such. As the historical read, this book has it all and a lot more.

I myself have been into the world of translation since the past three decades and I know the challenges one faces in this field.

Her translation gives more exact meanings, she captured the feel which come when we read in Tamil.

The story is introduced to the readers by a brave, young man, who is a great fighter too, and a messenger of Aditya Chola forgive me if Translztion got my history wrong. I appreciate the translation ponniyin selvan english translation of the Author and I liked the way she explained Tamil poems too.


Book Review : Ponni’s Beloved: An English Translation Of Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Ponniyin Selvan

Nallavan Sattanar – Court poet at Tanjore. The story is set in the era of Cholan ruler Sundara chola and it is all about the politics in the kingdom, the beauty of the placeits culture and ponniyin selvan english translation It’s been a long time since i read a lengthy novel above pages. Karthik Narayanan’s translation is fluent and consistent. The language and words used reflect the historical period the original novel followed.

The Hindu : Famous writings in translation

Often used like a living room; for family gatherings, seating visitors, and sleeping in the night. The characters are well fleshed out and come across as normal human beings prone to known selvwn virtues and vices like love, hate, empathy, jealousy, loyalty, treachery, etc.

The story with plots and sub-plots and a range of characters, is interspersed with bits of historical facts here and there to enable the reader understand the characters, their place in the history englisy the region and the situation prevailing in those times better. Ponniyin selvan english translation it ignited an urge to know more of the story which is open ended in the first part. Ponniyin selvan english translation that can’t be helped. He is on a secret mission for the Crown Prince of the Chola Kingdom.

What follows is an adventurous journey through the realms of the Chola Kingdom. Published February 16th by Indreads first published Few characters like Nandini are so complexly designed that leaves the reader guessing for her motives and her influence.

Nov 28, Tejus rated it really liked it.