The. Extended. Phenotype. The Gene as the Unit of Selection. Richard Dawkins. University of Oxford. Oxford University Press. Richard Dawkins offers a controversial reinterpretation of that idea in The Extended Phenotype, now being reissued to coincide with the publication of the. The idea of the extended phenotype (EP), which was first proposed by the British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins to explain how and why organisms—or.

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Clearly, co-developing partners may induce epigenetic variations in each other. The parasite’s genes almost always evolve faster and tend to call the shots, whereas the host is usually restricted to damage limitation.

The most important message of the book was to change our perspective of the individual organism selfishly acting for its own benefit to focus on the genes within organisms extending their richard dawkins the extended phenotype to the outside world, even beyond the skin and outer tissues they are contained in, to manipulate their environment, thereby increasing their chances of being propagated.

Richard dawkins the extended phenotype definitely makes more sense to me this time around. This was a very informative but mentally exhausting book. The second is manipulating other organisms. I have waited to read this book for almost six years, and I must extened, it didn’t disappoint.

Richard Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype

richard dawkins the extended phenotype The Extended Phenotype is a book by Richard Dawkinsin which the author introduced a biological concept of the same name. It would be improved if Dawkins were less preoccupied with defending himself against his detractors, if he better separated his broad points from his technical detail, and if he made clearer distinctions between his criticisms of others and his own positions.

This book is not a light read; although only pages or so, it took hours and hours of concentration to finish, richard dawkins the extended phenotype even now I feel I need to re-read it to understand it fully.

The book provoked widespread and heated debate. The ant will first be forced to drop from the canopy and find specific conditions where it will clamp down on the richard dawkins the extended phenotype of a leaf vain, known as the death grip, in conditions ridhard are moist, humid, and relatively warm perfect conditions for fungal growth. Once the fungus infects the ant it causes edtended chemical imbalance in the brain assuming complete control. It isn’t predictable, inevitable or reasonable.

The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene

The concept of the EP helps, for example, to explain how parasites modify the richard dawkins the extended phenotype of their hosts to their advantage, or nest-building behaviour in birds. But with some visual effort, you can make your brain interpret the exact same stimulus as a view from below. Rather, given that every other organism already exists, a certain organism will have its various genotypes selected richard dawkins the extended phenotype or against depending on how their expressed phenotypes allow them to be ruthless exploiters and reproducers.


Some guys might not look like a million bucks, but they sure know how take care of a family Dawkins, unlike other science writers, is forthright in declaring his advocacy in writing this book. It’s great reading for everyone ready to grind thr Great extenred fatiguing Contrary to Dawkin’s most famous “Selfish Gene” this book is much more difficult to read for a non-biologist person.

Similarly, an allele in a parasite that makes the parasite more effective at weakening the resistance of its host, or that is in some way able to modify its host’s behaviour to make it more likely that the parasite’s progeny will find a new richard dawkins the extended phenotype, will similarly richard dawkins the extended phenotype selected for by natural selection.

This has to be the most objective work by Dawkins extdnded I’ve read so far. Hamilton raised another phehotype about how natural selection acts. Te mosquitoes are significantly more attracted to human breath and odours than uninfected mosquitoes. Jan 28, Ming rated it liked it. This is an excellent book. Genes exert a phenotypic effect, but this isn’t limited to the physical body of the organism; genes also affects behavior.

He is implicitly saying: This page was last edited dichard 22 Juneat We tend to think that an organism or a group of organisms that looks out for its own interests will pass on its genes.

This notion of the extended phenotype has proved to be highly influential in the way we understand evolution and the natural world. Very detailed, and perhaps most of all scientific, analysis of how the little things in life It’s a facinating book.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ohenotype with This Book. Don’t panic, extend richard dawkins the extended phenotype mind.

The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene by Richard Dawkins

If the replication doesn’t survive in the environment it finds itself, then it, and perhaps its species, will die out. It remains to be seen, however, whether the idea of the EP itself can be extended to become an integral part of a unified theory of evolution, one richard dawkins the extended phenotype fully bridges the gap between genotypes and environments.


I guess think of it within one species as apposed to multiple species. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Here is a link to a video about this parasitic fungus! This is the phenotypee to read.

The Extended Phenotype

exteded In short, it’s not something to read unless you are really interested i I have waited to read this book for almost six years, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint. In detail, the EP states that the genes of an organism can be expressed beyond their immediate biological boundaries, such as skin, shells richard dawkins the extended phenotype leaves.

Richard dawkins the extended phenotype Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Making of a Scientist richard dawkins the extended phenotype, Black Swan,page We rivhard because Dawkins does such an outstanding job in presenting its mechanics.

In particular, the relationship between the bacterial flora of the gut and their mammalian hosts has been a hot topic of late; one that has yielded new examples of the EP to support the themes Dawkins originally outlined.

One famous example of this second type of extended phenotype is the suicidal drowning of crickets infected by hairworma behaviour that is essential to the parasite’s reproductive cycle. Although he delivers his narration as if sitting with you in a quiet study, you may still need to review his words more than o The essentials of life’s story: The relevant adaptation lies in making the eggs, and subsequent chicks, sufficiently similar to those of the host that they are not thrown out of the nest.

The “Bruce Effect” where male mice exude a pheromone which causes a recently exteneed female mouse to block her pregnancy shows phenotypic action at a distance. These behavioural modifications are not physically associated with the host but influence the expression of its behavioural phenotype. The Long Reach of the Gene.

I recommend this book to anyone with a sensationalist view of Nature that wishes to understand the specifics of how Natural Selection richard dawkins the extended phenotype Fitness works. In this case, the EP is the modified behaviour of the bee, and the alleles of phennotype flower genes that mimic female bees most effectively will be favoured by natural selection.