Now we can visit behind the locked door into this deadly deception which is victimizing multitudes of sincere men. Coauthor, Jim Shaw opens the doors for the. David Icke – The Perception Deception. uploaded by. uploader avatar Gerard Llívia · Ted Gunderson the Finders. uploaded by. uploader avatar chromelung. 33rd Degree Freemason Initiation-Deadly Deception, Jim Shaw, 33rd Degree. A Freemason’s 33rd Degree Initiation. Excerpt from Jim Shaw’s book: The Deadly.

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And, in the ritual, he acknowledges Islam, the declared blood-enemy of Christianity, as the one true path. I fought him to the floor. From the very beginning I had been troubled by thf fact that so many of the men just came to Lodge and sat there.

He really loved my mother, I think, in his own imperfect way. I was then led to another place in the room where another man the Junior Warden asked the same questions as before my being allowed to enter the room. It was a special delivery letter from the Supreme Council in Washington, notifying me that I had been selected for the 33rd Degree. Studies in Freemasonry and the Compagnonnage Rene Guenon. I am very much the deadly deception jim shaw to read whenever I must wait, no matter how brief the waiting period, so I looked the deadly deception jim shaw to see what was in there that I might the deadly deception jim shaw until he came.

The doctor always prays for his patients, and he and I prayed for you — before and after the surgery. They said they understood deceptlon would be gentle with him. PROtDODON A short while after, the director of my department called me in and asked me to take an examination for a higher position which was opening up. His position in Masonry was, and is today, unparalleled, not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

They continue the deadly deception jim shaw work, study, seek and learn, climbing the mountain of Dexeption knowl- edge, searching for that light in all its fullness.

Kunk’s crony, Duane Washumhas written about Mr. The supernatural battle that had been going on within me was one of which Mike had not been a part. But not a one of them had come. We wept there, standing in the front yard, but this was something we both had to face. At one point we were placed in a large, mesh cage, and one of edadly Shriners climbed up on top of it. Soon I was buying all my own clothes, books and school supplies. I enjoyed a little drinking and did it regularly.

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We were both excited as I made preparations to leave. I had my hands on it so I knew where it was and I leaned forward and kissed it.

The deadly deception jim shaw seems to me that this is true of most Masons who go on beyond the Blue Ji.

Full text of “The Deadly Deception Jim Shaw NWO illuminati Freemasons”

In addition, don’t miss these: Some men have an edge on selection because of their wealth, political power or prominence. Why leave at all? Although at the time I was not fully aware of these options and how it all goes together, my path was determined.

It was an unnatural way to stand and being blindfolded made it even more difficult. Passages and claims were repeated by many who had never read the book but were happy to repeat things. As usual, one of the men in the class was selected to actually participate, shad the rest; we chose, of course.

Second he was never a past master of his lodge. Some made only brief appear- ances; others stayed much longer. The war came and went and, with that deadky me, I was even more sure that I could make it in life. The social life was pleasant, and now there was one meeting each week that Bonnie and I could attend together.

I had no idea how to pray, so I just knelt silently with my head bowed and waited. Working in the drugstore, going to school and studying filled my days and nights.

After he had examined my eyes he said that they were healing fine, that he felt good about the way they saw looking, and as usual he spoke with me about the Lord. First of all he never was a 33rd degree Mason. The more I thought of it, the more attractive the thoughts of that warm climate became.


As I continued to study in the deadly deception jim shaw degree rituals and lectures, I developed more and more of a clear understanding of religious beliefs and moved ever closer to a personal religious belief of my own. It hurt, but I was immediately jerked away and led a few more steps when I was grabbed a third time and shaken.

As time passed, my stepfather developed a growing dislike for me that I accepted as normal, having no knowledge or experience against which to judge life. We must be baptized John 3: I only had on trousers and a shirt. It happened the deadly deception jim shaw Mike was the only man going through at that time so things moved along smoothly and quickly.

The Deadly Deception

As the natural darkness closed around me, the supernatural light welled up within me. By becoming Master of all four Bodies I had accomplished something seldom done. The extent of Masonry and its influence was far greater than I had suspected. They were pleased that I wanted to be one too.

In all truth I tell you, if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His Blood, you have no life in you. Rule by Secrecy Jim Marrs. Thinking I only needed to get some glasses that would solve the problem, I went to see an optician.

I felt good about it all, and wondered how it could be any better. Then the Worshipful Master showed me how to the deadly deception jim shaw the due- guard by holding my hands in the position in the deadly deception jim shaw they had been at the altar, left one palm-up and the right one over it, palm-downand the sign. But the one within me continued to gather force. But I was not as excited as I expected to be.

Shaw asserts that Masons were involved in alcohol abuse, pay-for-prestige degrees, and so much more.