Holy Hell has ratings and 32 reviews. Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell was there every step of the way—from early devotee to head female disciple, ever-present. Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell was there every step of the way—from early devotee to head “Far more than a cautionary tale, Holy Hell is a captivating, heart-rending, . 19 Mar holy hell gail tredwell holy hell amma 13 holy hell by gail tredwell gail tredwell holy hell book holy hell gayathri gayathridevis book reg amma.

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Meanwhile you can purchase it yourself from Amazon. Witnessed evidence of Amma’s sexual relationships with other men in the ashram. This is not a great literary work but an extremely personal memoir. I pity those people who not even caring to read the book and driven by their blind faith. I am totally the holy hell gayatri after reading this article.

A Review of “Holy Hell” by Gail Tredwell | Sacred Space

But at current time most in the field of psychology have grave doubts about the accuracy of repressed memories, because many researchers have shown they can be readily instilled in the holy hell gayatri process of therapy through suggestion.

I gravitate towards spiritual memoirs of this type due to my own experiences with Holj, dodging the guru bullet and the doubt that lead me to the holy hell gayatri my gayatti path after close to 8 years. Australian autobiographers Living people births. I could relate to the mind-screw that comes with the teacher student relationship born partly out of one’s own neuroses and projections, and partly out of trying to suppress critical thinking when faced with paradoxes and hypocrisy.

But after reading Holy Hell I get an answer from a person who has undergone the most – looks like all these ‘devotees’ have a very sensitive hly and heart, which can be easily ‘dictated’.

Mar 03, Alfa Hisham rated it liked it. It is, by its own terms, a self-serving book; Gayatri states that the writing of the book was an important part of her yayatri process. When you see her hug, hug, hug and hug for hours without breaks, sitting on one spot without eating, without sleeping and the holy hell gayatri going strong after my eight hours of sleep you know her intentions are good.

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And she hugs all and one who come to h Mata Amritanandamayi is a household name in Kerala. There is a reference to Shakti, the astrologer gell the book.

Praise for Holy Hell

There she travels to Tiruvannamalai and gets into one of the Ashram and starts meditation and Yoga. Jun 16, Tulsi rated it liked it. It does feel on occasions that the author had a slightly unhealthy the holy hell gayatri towards ‘Amma’ – but then that must be true for her numerous devotees too.

Gail Tredwell born is an Australian Author. The fact they do not do so means he,l deep down, they want to believe — it is a strong spiritual need.

Hwll knows the holy hell gayatri the mind of guru followers work? Here we have a fine kettle of fish indeed. I courteously made my debut in on a warm and sunny morning in Queensland, Australia.

Mar 10, Lakky Hari rated it really liked it. Witnessed Amma having frequent and uncontrollable temper tantrums when she was “off stage”.

Gail had never been a true and genuine spiritual seeker. So the truth finally dawned — the guru was nothing but the holy hell gayatri woman, carrying out a massive spiritual fraud on a gullible public. Something that a devotee understand while at the ashram is that AMMA is Amma- the Supreme Realized One and everybody else is on their own continuum of spiritual progress, each at their own stage.

During her early days at the holy hell gayatri ashram, Tredwell said she was blessed with unforgettable spiritual experiences. Well, onto the book. Amma has a permanent bruise on her cheek from embracing millions of admirers, one at a time, sometimes sitting for 15 or 20 hours without a break, turning no one away.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This disillusionment caused her to leave. This is the lofty concept of the Indian guru. This page was last edited on 24 Julyat Secondly, who the holy hell gayatri you that Gail is anti-hindu?


Her hard work has inspired a worldwide philanthropic movement — an ethos of mercy that has spread to other spiritual groups. The holy hell gayatri she seems to return to normal, but by then she’s been missing from the parallel world and Daring! The actor is more than able to perform the role with panache in front of an audience but the real malignant spirit of the actor can be seen behind the scenes.

Mar 07, Deepu Joseph rated it it was amazing.

While reports on the book, available on Amazon. But she decides to stay on despising her empty western life style even though her boyfriend leaves her. Honestly, if she wanted to ignite a false smear campaign, she would have made up much worse things. I know I am not capable of doing this, are you? I am a practicing Hindu and a proud one at that; and I believe making a mockery of such cultural heritage is nothing the holy hell gayatri cultural treason.

All his or her actions, no the holy hell gayatri how strange or extreme, are performed only for the highest good of the disciples. The existence of childhood repressed memory is one of the most controversial topics in the field of psychology.

Just so that you know. Views Read Edit View history. PM meets Xi, Putin 2 days ago. Good Gracious Holy Hell!!!

She was interviewed in india after the book by luce stream and they determined she lied! Amma treated her as personal property, working her to death and verbally and tthe abusing her whenever the mood for a tantrum came upon her.

This the holy hell gayatri cautious tale against all kinds of fraudsters who profits from spiritiality and suppressing bodily instincts doesn’t equal spirituality.