Rupa Bajwa is an Indian writer who lives and works in Amritsar, Punjab as well as spending time in various other Indian cities and towns. Contents. 1 Novels; 2 Columns; 3 Works; 4 References. Novels[edit]. In , she published her first novel, The Sari Shop, which explores her. The Sari Shop: A Novel [Rupa Bajwa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An impressive debut, full of lean and lyrical prose. ―Ligaya Mishan. The Sari Shop [Rupa Bajwa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spending unfulfilling days working in a fabric shop in Amritsar, Ramchand is.

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Currently, Rupa Bajwa is working on her third novel.

Book Review: The Sari Shop by Rupa Bajwa – Shabd Studio

These words are not italicized, nor is there a glossary. The setting and details of life in India is very descriptive and visual. It is a particularly good choice because the business is well-established, selling the sari shop by rupa bajwa pre-industrial product of The Sari Shop is a simply-structured story offering considerable insight into contemporary Indian society.

Discover what to read next. He did not what changed him: It is a particularly good choice because the business is well-established, selling a pre-industrial product of exquisite beauty, largely beyond the means of the people selling them.

He was taken in by a man who called himself uncle, who had a wife and several children of his own. Then, comes another excursion, he’s sent on an errand to report the whereabouts of Chander another salesman.


Rupa Bajwa’s unpretentious writing makes you walk alongside Ramchand on his journey and even makes you disheartened on his failures. But Bajwa’s loving attention to detail—Ramchand washing his feet with lemon juice before he visits the Kapoors, the malicious chatter of the sari-shopping ladies—paints a compelling, acerbic picture of the sari shop by rupa bajwa India.

And something, some kind of the sari shop by rupa bajwa that he experiences in that mansion, jolts him out of the state of barely existing and infuses a strange sort of enthusiasm in him. Ramchand was moved to try and help ruupa and almost lost his job and his sanity in the process. The one day, he is sent to the residence of the Kapoor family preparing for the wedding of their educated, confident daughter Rina.

I was left thinking “that was it”. Oct 13, Boogoalo added it. This is a Zeitgeist. He was really crying, with real heartbreaking sorrow, full of grief.

But Rupa Bajwa pulled it off effortlessly. They were often dressed in saris. And with this motivation, he attempts to recapture what he has lost before, his dreams of finishing his education the sari shop by rupa bajwa having a good shopp. It forces you to think about the lives of people, irrespective of their class, and consider them as persons.


The book jacket calls it a “satire. Sandhu to the westernized and educated Mrs.

Meanwhile, I think the author has managed to be a part of the novel too, literally, through the character of Rina Kapoor. An alcoholic husband who beats her black and blue every night while blaming her the sari shop by rupa bajwa his failure, including a miscarriage. Recent Posts Book Review: Outside these tiled, impeccably clean shops are broken pavements, noise and quite a bit of rubbish. Norton’s privacy policy and terms of use. It brings him face to face with the cruelties that lead him to this misery in the first place.


However, there are a few character portrayals that probably did not require the sari shop by rupa bajwa much dealing that in turn tends to mislead the reader. However, while the Kapoors wrestle with their first world problems, the consequences of their struggles are directly felt by the poor section of the society. Exquisite and simplest writing blended with magically crafted minute details of simplest of the things.

Rupa Bajwa

What happens when he dreams of reading and learning? A battered Ramchand falls down to the same place from where sai dreamt of better things for himself. The entire irony of life.

It brings him face to face with the cruelties that lead him to this misery in the first place. A wonderful book created najwa a simple story and bringing out characters wonderfully. On I feel like I’ve gone on a journey with these characters but it’s not really gone anywhere, an empty journey.