Travels with Loreena McKennitt – book with a fascinating account of life with Loreena McKennitt by one of her closest friends – Niema Ash. Shop our inventory for Travels with Loreena McKennitt by Niema Ash with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!. 19 May Niema Ash was a long time friend, traveling companion, and confidant of Celtic Superstar Loreena McKennitt and in Travels she chronicles.

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Court ruling ends plans for Loreena McKennitt tell-all book

From the fi rst moment she saw McKennitt sing in a Montreal club she was captivated by her talent. Note to the lovely Loreena McKennitt: Then, on a couple of notable occasions, she argued with Fowkes – firstly over his work on the Irish cottage – and later criticised both him and Ash for other supposed failures. It is no exaggeration to say that freedom of expression is at risk because lawyers believe McKennitt’s landmark victory creates unprecedented legal protection for the privacy of famous people.

Long hours on the road, grueling schedules, and the inevitable hassles that occur are all hurdles that this happy group of mclennitt easily overcome.

In other words, the “story” Ms Ash wished to propagate in her book was found in the trial to be a lie. Fans get brain-washed, awe-inspired, live in self-deception, and self-doubt after listening, reading, or seeing the performances mckdnnitt these celebrities. Of course it can be argued that Ms. Frankly, I would have never thought that such a thing could still happen and I was left unhappy not to be able to read Niema Ash book.

For Susanne, if you are willing to remove your funding from PBS based on this book, please do. Needless to say, her public interest defense failed.


Ttravels is a possibility of a petition to the European Court of Human Rights, but that has not deterred Ash from deciding to talk openly about the case for the first time. I must say that Loreena has dealt mckennit severe blows in her life: The judgment, delivered in Novembercame as a shock to Ash.

This is a must read book. Little by little the cracks in the friendship start to appear. With friends like that….

What has to be understood first is that Loreena McKennitt is a big star around the globe, especially in her home country, the United States and continental Europe, as a singer, composer, harpist, pianist and accordionist. In light and love, Rev.

Hops and Glory Pete Brown. I am going to give some of my background to support my comments here so the reader has some idea why I have written this reply. Cool Japan Guide Abby Denson. I love this girl like a sister. I went on Trvaels doing a search to understand something more.

Travels with Loreena McKennitt : Niema Ash :

Besides, if Niema Ash really wanted to be successful, she could travelss about anything that she wants. Court ruling ends plans for Loreena McKennitt tell-all book Niema Ash has abandoned her battle to publish a “kiss and tell” book about Canadian singer-songwriter Loreena McKennitt, after a ruling Thursday in a London court. You are welcome to your opinion but I would caution you to get your facts from a more reputable source.

Ash would so willingly violate a written business agreemant to reflect very poorly on her. McKennitt’s lawyers approached the case by arguing that even celebrities have a right to privacy.

zzsimonb’s rantings: Travels With Loreena McKennitt – by Niema Ash

Being curious, and demanding to know about her sex life and her emotional state after the death of a loved one are at opposite ends of the need-to-know spectrum. As long as these artists charge money, fans pay, and the minds of the fans are tied to the character of the performer and that is biased to the quality of performance, it is a legitimate aspiration to try to know what kind of a person the artist actually is. Perhaps this was a result of the situation, but it was her choice to write revealing things about Loreena Mckennitt.


And there is one sitting on my kitchen table! A Gentleman Abroad Francis Brennan. For those of you who have to a negative conclusion about Ms. I only hope that this will make other people in future very weary from associatting with the likes of her. It is fascinating to travel along as a passenger watching Loreena as she transitions from street musician to Celtic Goddess. She violated her word, not only as a business woman and a friend, and I hope the impact of that affects her career.

That is the appropriate procedure in such cases.

Well I found one for sale. By using this website you consent to woth use of these cookies. What Niema wote in her book about Loreena was a report of real facts, or the sick phantasies of someone interested in damaging the reputation of the object of her writing?

Ash is a talented writer, but she may mxkennitt written the book for spiteful reasons. I was surprised to find the book still listed on Amazon, but not anymore available: McKennett have proven herself to be witj and dangerous and we must not let her ruin anymore lives or have the truth about her buried again. So, even anyone automatically biased one way as opposed to another can’t really blame you for feeling that way.