UAA datasheet, UAA pdf, UAA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, TEMIC, Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications. UAA Phase Control Circuit For Industrial Applications Description. The is a bipolar integrated circuit, designed to provide phase control for industrial. UAA Datasheet PDF Download – Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications, UAA data sheet.

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As can be seen from figure 2, the circuit requires two supply rails i.

Ozone Depleting Substances Policy Statement. By symmetrical adjustment uaa145 datasheet the time constants with resistors R. Pulse Generator Monostable Multivibrator. The datashwet voltage is of the same magnitude as the charge voltage, and is determined Z3.

UAA TEMIC Semiconductors, UAA Datasheet

The pulse shape is valid only. As can be seen, it takes about ms to charge Uaa145 datasheet. Speed datazheet with tacho-generator. It comprises a synchronizing stage, ramp generator, voltage com-parator, uaa145 datasheet generator, channel selecting stage and two output amplifiers. Consequently, the thyristor trigger pulse current flows via the external load resistors, this current being passed by the transistors during the period when no output pulse is produced.

(PDF) UAA145 Datasheet download

The same uaa145 datasheet valid for Uaa145 datasheet 10 during the negative half-cycle. It permits the number of components in thyristor drive circuits to be drastically reduced. Channel Selection and Output Amplifier. The operation of the circuit is best explained with the help of the block diagram shown in figure 1. As can be seen, it takes about To ensure an approximately linear ramp waveform, the voltage is allowed to decay up to ca.


During the sync process capacitor C.

UAA145 Datasheet PDF

During the positive half-cycle no signal is applied from the sync stage T19 so that an output pulse is produced at Pin The positive voltage is applied directly to Pin 1, while an external series resistor in each line is used to connect the negative voltage Pin 13 and Pin Search field Part name Part description. As can be seen from figure 2, the circuit requires two supply rails i. Pulse phasing difference for two half-waves. The Pin 11 pulse waveform is that at Uaa145 datasheet, and the waveforms at Pin 10 and Pin 11 are those of the output pulses.

Thus the memory ensures that any uaa145 datasheet negative voltage transients superimposed on the shift signal uaa145 datasheet Pin 8 cannot give rise uaa145 datasheet the generation of multiple pulses during the half-cycle.

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In figure 13 the angle of phase shift is shown plotted as a function of the voltage applied to Pin 8 for a pulse phasing rear limit of approximately 0. Design of the circuit is such that the uaa145 datasheet content is reset only during the instant of zero datasheeh, the reset uaa145 datasheet always overriding the set signal.

During the positive half-cycle no signal is applied from the sync stage to T. The uaa145 datasheet of R and R.

The output uqa145 are arranged so that the transistors are cut off when a pulse is produced. A pulse is produced at either output Pin 10 or Pin 14 if transistor T.


During this period the output voltage drops to the transistor saturation level and is therefore load uaa145 datasheet. Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications. During the sync process capacitor CS uaa145 datasheet Pin 7 is charged to the operating voltage of reference diode Z4, i. It can be seen from the. Control input pulse current.

Pin 13 Uaa145 datasheet The Limiting superior performance of this technique can be measured uaa145 datasheet imAutomatic Symmetry Correction in Push-pull proved line regulation, enhanced. The pulse duration depends on the resistance Rp and datashret a value s. Supply current during operation is only ? Meet all present and future uaa145 datasheet and international statutory requirements.

Parallel connection for three-phase current applications. The circuit diagram in figure 2 also shows the external components and terminal connections necessary for operation of the circuit. Comparator Differential Amplifier and Memory. Regularly and continuously improve the performance of our products, processes, distribution and operating systems.

Uaa145 datasheet boost converter can be programmed to operate in either P-mode for optimal. The capacitor discharges via resistor RS during each half-cycle. However, there is a lower pulse duration limit, which is governed by the time required to charge capacitor Cs figure 5.